Sunday Funday Options

Looking for a reason to get out of your comfy bed today? While Netflix sounds great for a Sunday, here are some options to spiff up your day.

A Walk In The Park (it’s not just a movie)

If p a pretty day, take a stroll through the park. Enjoy nature and take a few pics for insta while you’re at it. Nature is therapeutic and helps you relax. Take advantage and invite some friends. Maybe you can even put a picnic together.

Boozy Brunch
Get together with your friends and or family and go for a boozy brunch. By boozy we mean mimosas or Blood Marys. Grab a chair, relax and sip on your drink, enjoy your food and have good conversation. Great way to finish off the weekend.

Spa Day
Opt for a treat yourself day by heading to the spa or the beauty salon. Treat yourself to some pampering!

Catch Up Day 

Got some things you need to catch up on? Take advantage of the day and put checkmarks on your to do list . It feels good o get things done.