Winter Fashion 411


If you woke up this morning to a gentle nip in the air, you know that winter is coming and with it comes a slew of warmed up Fashion trends to indulge in!

@TheYLife we couldn’t help but reaching out to our Fashion Guru Nikki Brown, who just finished a huge project for VOGUE, which incorporated some of the biggest trends for this upcoming winter, and it left her excited to share her 411 Winter Fashion Trends with each and every one of you!

Nikki started off our conversation by exclaiming her jolly winter fever! “Winter is the most wonderful and exciting time of the year and with all the holiday parties around the corner tis’ the season to chat about some of the biggest trends that, I, personally am very excited to incorporate into my Winter Wardrobe!”

White Out also known as Winter White: “Days of “No white after Labor Day” is in the past. WHITE IS THE NEW BLACK THIS HOLIDAY SEASON. Crisp white, ivory, and cream shades elude confidence, sophistication, and also sexiness. Winter white is chic and one I am definitely excited to be incorporating in my personal wardrobe. It’s the MOST Fresh trend of the season! All white is clean, elegant, rich and luxurious. I believe this trend stands out the most and if worn with confidence, every girl can and should deck the halls in an all white outfit this holiday season!”

Textured Touch: “A trend I am swooning over. It’s all about texture this season; it comes in every shape, color, size and all you have to do is look around any store or boutique and you will find texture all around you! Textured touch is all about clothing with appliqué, embroidery, and lace touches! This trend definitely catches my eye because it gives life to the fabric, and a little pop of illusion. Some of my favorite designers who’ve incorporated this into their collections are Diane Von Furstenberg and For Love and Lemons is one of my current (and not to mention affordable) obsessions.”

Edgy Metal: “Don’t let the title fool you… this trend is a blast from the past. Hope you didn’t toss those tartan minis away! It is all about the spikes and embellishments this season… This year plaid, metallics, and zipper details… Zippers are everywhere! They’re making their way as a main focus on booties, heels, jackets, and pants! You’ll start to see them more detailing the most ordinary clothes, and this season they will be one of the most thoughtfully placed embellishments.

Plaid: “Also a big trend stemming from the fashion scene is plaid, plaid skirts, plaid blouses, plaid purses, plaid accessories, plaid everything. Something that was once all American and made for the woods, is now turning into a very chic and fun fashion statement!”

“Those are the trends we are looking most forward to this season! There are tons Nikki didn’t mention such as… “knit necessities“(chunky big and loose), “flirty femme” (girlie florals and turtle necks paired with midi skirts) and “retro ready” (an ode to the 60s and 70s), which I am just as equally excited about but just found them to be a bit more redundant for the winter than exciting.. But nonetheless just as trendy and fashionable as the other trends!”