Travel Guide To Paris: What To Do



The City of Love, the city of lights, Paris, Pareeh! Whatever you call it, it’s a once in a lifetime trip. And if you’re more than once. Whether it’s the food,  the people, the culture or the nightlife… you’ll fall in love with the place. Or you’ll hate it. But the best way to find out is by going and trying it. Whenever you go, good luck on your journey. Oh and here are some suggestions.

Eiffel Tower
Champs de mars, 5 avenue Anatole , 7th arr
9 to 1130 pm lift or to 630 stairs

Sorbonne University
4 Rue Valette, 5th arr.
Open from 9 to 5 pm
Costs 9 euros

Latin Quarter Neighborhood
Between 5th and 6th arr.
This lively area is known for its student population, lively atmosphere, and great bistros. Try wandering around here.

Notre Dame Cathedral
6 parvis Notre-dame – place Jean Paul II -4th arr
8 am to 645

Le Marais Neighborhood 
Between 3rd and 4th arr. 

Beautiful neighborhood known for its trendy style yet old world looks. Sounds strange doesn’t it. The point is it’s beautiful and if you don’t believe us google it. Get lost in this area and if you happen to stumble upon Marche Sainte Catherine Square try one of the great restaurants and brasseries surrounding the square.

La Basilique Du Sacre Coeur
35 Rue du chevalier de la barre ,18th arr
6am to 10 30 pm 

The journey to this historic Basilica is beautiful in it’s own right. It’s located in the area of Monmartre known for it’s artistic appeal and beautiful old world feel. Enjoy the neighborhood and the place. Oh and don’t forget to look at the view once you’ve climbed the steps. It’s breathtaking.

Moulin Rouge
82 boulevard de clichy , 18th arr 

Come here if you want to see a show and eat dinner. It’s very touristy and quite expensive but if you must, try it out.

Louvre Museum
Musee du Louvre, 75058 , 1st arr.
9 to 6 

You know about this place because of it’s vast an beautiful collections…oh and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Don’t miss this but make sure not to forget to wander the streets of paris too. Take the typical picture in front of the pyramid at the Louvre. If you can, try to go the first Sunday of the month..It’s free!

Orangerie Museum 
Jardin tuileries, 1st arr
9 30 to 5 30

Also, free on the first Sunday of every month. This is less packed than most museums but is a treasure in its own right. Check this place out to see some of Monet’s work. Go, get lost and enjoy the works.

9am to 6:30 pm closed Monday
It’s a bit of headache to get there but it’s worth it. Enjoy the opulence and historic value of it. Here’s an idea, grab a baguette, cheese, and wine for a picnic outside of the Chateau. That’s another way of enjoying the place. 

À la prochaine (until next time)! It’s pronounced ah-lah-pro-shen.  

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