Sat Nite Note: Frita’s


Quick Saturday Night Note… YFoodies Sunday Treat

As we wrap up this #HispanicHeritage week on @TheYLife, I thought I would give you one last perfectly noted restaurant tip… From President Obama to yours truly, everyone and anyone who comes through Miami has dined at ‘El Mago De Las Fritas’!

I know, here it comes, you are probably wondering what the heck a FRITA is … Honestly, I think everyone wonders that same thing, even as they are eating it!

The dictionary refers to a FRITA as a Cuban Hamburger … In other words a FRITA is a Cuban dish made of a seasoned ground beef patty mixed with chorizo (Spanish Sausage), lightly fried on Cuban bread and topped with shoestring potatoes and a special ketchup sauce.

El Mago or ‘The Magician’ as many know him, has been the king of FRITAS in Miami, since Miami’s modern founding by the Cuban exiles. But, you see it isn’t just the authentic Cuban street fare that will tantalize your taste buds, it is the atmosphere and ambiance that help to set the mood. The location is the size of a Midtown Manhattan studio apartment, boding 10 seats on the counter and about 4 booths,all infused by 1980s Miami wood decor and the aroma of freshly fried pork fat bleeding into essence of the experience.

I have been going to El Mago since I was just a little girl… we always had a running joke, where he would coyly preach out to me across the counter “Te estoy Mirando”… A.k.a “I’m watching you”! And it still gets me every time, even though I’m 20 years older!

To visit and try a FRITA for yourself, visit: El Mago De Las Fritas 5828 SW 8th St, Miami, FL