Staple Items For A Hispanic Kitchen

Looking do a some latin flavor to your kitchen? Look no more. Here are some of the staple items to give a latin touch to your cooking. As part of the The Y Life’s Hispanic Heritage week, we welcome you to our kitchen. Check it out.



No matter what type of meat you’re eating, mojo will be on it. All you have to do is pour some on and let it do its magic. This delicious juice if made of orange, grapefruit, vinegar, garlic, onion, salt, a delicious blend of spices and bitter orange. Obviously, there are some variations to this but they all do their magic and add amazing taste to your dish.  Just so you know, its pronounced Mo-ho.


Maseca Corn Flour 

You can use this flour to make tortillas, tamales, enchiladas, quesadillas, empanadas, flautas and way more. Meaning, you’re covered when it comes to many latin dishes! You’ll always have something to make if you have Maseca. Once you taste a homemade tortilla, you’ll never go back to fast food Mexican.

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Black Beans

They are a good source of protein and they taste delicious on anything! You can put them with tortillas, on a salad, in a dish , use them to make salsa or have them with rice and beans. Eitherway, you need them whether they are canned or dry. Doesn’t matter if you’re bad in the kitchen. They are easy to make or pop out of a can.



What goes better with beans than rice. You can either opt to have white or yellow rice in your kitchen and not only can you use it to cook, you can also use it as part of your kitchen decoration. The various rice colors in a jar add a nice pop of color to your kitchen. Now think of them cooked with some beans and tortilla or on the side of a nice piece of steak!



Grab the Goya Manzanilla olives which are in a glass jar. You can get them stuffed with peppers or garlic. You can use them for cooking or to serve as a “pincho” or a “tapa” when you have friends over. You can put it in various cuban and spanish dishes.