July 4th: Show Y you Care


Our sense of patriotism can sometimes elude us with the hustle and bustle of our daily routine; but, when holidays like Independence Day approach, we are reminded of the sacrifice being made by American soldiers abroad. Being deployed away from their homeland and families is an enormous strain on the physical and emotional sustainability of these soldiers; it is our duty to remember that their goal abroad is to help sustain our freedoms at home.

A South Florida public charity “‘America’s Moms For Soldiers’ is an organization that we founded in 2009 that sends care packages to troops in Afghanistan,” -Judy Smith, founder of ‘America’s Moms For Soldiers’.

Judy explained that as an ARMY mom she was inspired to help soldiers when she went to events and saw that some of the soldiers didn’t have families. Upon a visit to Fort Bragg, North Carolina she was asked if she could find a way to send packages to a list of soldiers… it started with a few, and quickly grew, from 400 to 1,800 care packages a month. “Right now we maintain right about a thousand a month and once we get a soldier, he gets a care package every month until he comes home.”

The average age of our young men and women in the battlefield is about twenty-two years old, so I asked Judy why Gen Y’s who are on the home front aren’t making more of an effort to raise awareness for the necessities of Gen Y’s who are at war? “It’s been ten years of war… there is not the appreciation there used to be… there is still plenty of support out there, but the general awareness has gone down.”

So we wondered how can Y’s help? Judy says you can volunteer, make a donation, send in items to make care packages, or even make care packages yourself and send them to ‘America’s Moms For Soldiers’- since they have proper clearance, they will get them to Afghanistan for you!

So what do our soldiers need? “A lot of hygiene items right now, because of the drawdown. We’re getting requests that they can’t get soap, body- wash, deodorant, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, baby wipes and non perishable food like: protein bars and slim Jim.” Judy went on to explain the reasoning behind these requests… “They are closing a lot of the places people might have been able to purchase supplies… and if you don’t have a family whose sending packages, it makes it very difficult to get it.”

For more information on how you could help our soldiers visit: http://www.americasmomsforsoldiers.com/


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