What Is Social Media Doing To Us?

So you’re probably reading this because you clicked on our social media link using some sort of technology. While your great piece of equipment has helped you, it also may be hindering your happiness.

According to a study from the University of Michigan, social media is actually making us feel less connected and it’s actually make us less social; therefore, making us feel less connected and less happy.

Social media is making us more comfortable with interacting behind a screen than interacting in person, making us lose some of our social skills which we would have learned otherwise.

The study actually found that people who spent more time on Facebook, actually felt less happy over time because of that social disconnect, according to the study.

While other studies have revealed a positive association with social media, this study was the first to study the person’s well-being over time.

So maybe next time you’re somewhere filled with people, instead of opting to look at social media on your phone, take in the moment and maybe talk to someone even if it’s just for your health.