5 Ways To Improve Your People Skills

First Impressions Are Important!

You can be against looking all prim and proper but know that a person’s first impression of you can hold some heavy weight on how they interact with you later. If this is at work, you don’t want to be on the bad side of that impression. Take into account while looks may not be everything, they do have some weight. Don’t wear that ripped up shirt or stained pants. Take pride in the way you look. It’s the first thing people see.

Listen …Don’t Babble

Speak but if you feel like you need to keep taking in more breaths than normal… you’re probably babbling. A lot of people like sharing their experiences. Listen. Invest your time in that person. Look at the in the eyes. Ask them questions. Don’t be overly excited about the story but show interest.

Be Sincere 

Don’t fake it. If you’re not interested or you don’t like the person, be polite and excuse yourself. Talk to the people you want to but don’t force it if you guys don’t have a connection that’s fine. By not being sincere, you end up losing because less people will trust you making it harder for you to connect with them. At it hurts you because you’re doing  something your don’t want to do.

Be Yourself 

Whatever you are… just be yourself. Be the person your are comfortable being. People, including you, can perceive when someone is faking it or uncomfortable. This will help you become more confident and help you be more social.

Do What You’re Afraid Of

If you’re afraid of speaking to a group of people, we are not saying force yourself to do it all the time but at least try. Conquer that fear and it will help you be more outgoing and confident…maybe not the social butterfly but at least you won’t be a fearful person.

Final tip! Do you! Do what you love. Find others who love what you love and if they don’t  still talk to them. You may learn a thing or two.