Readers Absorb Less On E-Readers Than Print

Where do you get most of your information from? Print or digitally?

A new study from Europe says those who read print book have a big advantage compared to those who read e-books when it comes to reading comprehension.

Fifty people were given a short story. One group got it in print and another on an e-book reader.

While the two both performed similarly, those who read the story on print were way better at describing the   order of events in the story accurately.

Researchers believe this may have something to do with the feeling of the book. If the person can physically feel the pages and how far they’ve gone, it helps them mark the time and events better.

They also believe it may be because readers simply digest print texts better than digital texts.

While these may be theories more studies need to be done.

We have to question how much our generation, the Facebook generation, has gotten out of the digital age. Did they way we were raised affect how well we absorb digital content or is our generation possibly dumber for getting a lot of information digitally. If so, will we be going old school and back to paper books?

All questions that will hopefully be answered with more studies. In the meantime, G & L  will be getting their information from both sources and making our own assumptions on what is better. Try the same thing and find out what works best for you.