Things To Do With Your Pet This Weekend

It’s the weekend. It’s a beautiful day and your pooch is look at your like let’s go out! So take out your precious pooch.

Park Time 

Look up nearby doggie parks and let your pet roll around in the grass and enjoy the sunlight! Run around with them and don’t forget their favorite toy! You might even be able to get some exercise in for you both.

Pretty Your Pooch & Yourself 

Take a beauty day for you and your pooch. Drop your pet off for some grooming then head over to a nearby beauty salon for yourself. You pooch and you will be picture perfect after a day of beauty!

Beach Bumming With Your Pet

Sun? Check! Warm weather? Check!  If everything you need for a beach day is there, then why not beach bum it out for the day with your pet. Make sure the beach you are going to allows pets. If not, it’s just a google away. Your pooch will end up so tired and you will too except with a nice tan. It’s a day well spent.

‘Brunching” It out 

Pick your favorite spot with an outdoor eating area, grab your pooch and go! Invite some friends and their pets (if they have any). It’s a nice social affair for you both.

“Veg Out”

If you’re tired and your pet is still giving you those lets go out eyes, take them for a mini walk around the neighborhood and then veg out on the couch. Pet your pet and just watch a movie or binge watch your favorite show.

The point is to do something together. Your pet(s) gives you an endless amount of love and happiness and ask for food, water and some attention in return. So give them some TLC!