Making Your Life Better 1 Pet At A Time

They’re cute, sometimes cuddly and great for your health.

You love your pet and they love you especially when it comes to your heart health. Dog owners may be less likely to suffer from heart disease, according to WebMD. Those long walks with your pooch are paying off! Dog owners have even been found to have lower blood pressure than those without a pet.

Your pooch will also help brighten your days. Studies have found people with pets are generally happier than those without. A dog owner has been found to be less lonely and more likely to be trusting of others.

Speaking of others, a dog helps you connect with other people more. That’s important in this day in age when we use every sparing moment to look at our phones. Go ahead and unglue you eyes from the phone to connect with another loving pet owner. You may learn something new.

While health benefits are a big plus, ask yourself what is one positive thing your dog has helped you with.