Patron Saint of AniMalS?


A Patron Saint of AniMalS?

Many don’t know this, but Francis of Assisi is actually the Patron Saint of Animals.

So what does this even mean? Well, a Patron Saint in the religious Christian denomination, a guardian or protector, namely known as a heavenly advocate for a nation, a place, a craft, an activity, a family or a person. You see, Patron Saints, have transcended into the metaphysical state and hence, common belief has it, their abilities are meant to intercede on behalf of the needs of their charges!

After hearing a service efforted to Matthew 10:9 where Jesus explains to his followers that in heaven your riches will do you no good… in fact, you can’t bring any of your gold, silver or copper with you– not even a pair of shoes for the road to Heaven. Right upon those words Francis was inspired in 1209 to devote his life, to a state of poverty. Barefoot and wearing only rough garments, and scripture tied to his heart, Francis began to preach repentance; he spent much of his time wandering the Umbria mountains along with his 11 followers. Never dignified by a license, he used his pure and honest demeanor to bridge the paradigm between deep earnest exhortations with all he came into contact with.

In July of 1228, Francis was pronounced a saint by Pope Gregory IX— you see, it has been said by many that no one else in history has ever chosen to dedicate and  imitate their own life as that of the life of Christ… by carrying out the work of Christ, in Christ’s own way as he and his followers celebrated and venerated living an impoverished life. Referring to nature as God’s mirror, whether that meant relating to creatures (i.e. birds, wolves) as his siblings, our Ecology as the canvas from which he was inspired to preach… his great love for our earth’s animals and environment were wrought into every ounce of his message, this being the reason why he has often been portrayed through the centuries with a bird lain on his arm.

Francis devoted his life to living the gospel and having this gift embedded in the love he cultured with God’s creatures. You see, Saint Francis invited all of creation: animals, plants, natural forces, even Brother Sun and Sister Moon – to praise the Lord. So it’s said that if and when you want to have your animal blessed or wish to have the special needs of your pet met, you can reach out in prayer to Saint Francis, ask him for guidance and his Sanctity will be placed upon your pet!