Did U Know? It’s Lethal!


In continuation of #DogWeek @TheYLife … we decided to further explore your pups diet. I myself didn’t know till just recently that something as simple as a piece of RAW Onion that fell to the ground, while you are chopping up some spices for dinner could be so virtually lethal to your pet!

From the chemical compound known as Persin, which can be found in Avocados to Coffee, Tea and all Caffeine! You see when it comes to caffeine, it can actually poison your pup; so if you happen to leave your morning cup of joe on the coffee table and your dog gets its paws on it… ‘caffeine poisoning’ can occur. Yes, there is such a thing and it could lead to symptoms of: restlessness, rapid breathing, heart palpitations, muscle tremors, fits, and even bleeding.

Years ago my vet trained me to fear the wrath of GRAPES… Grapes and in turn raisins, have often been linked to causing kidney failure in dogs, even small amounts can make your lil’ munchkin ill. Here’s a tip: If repeated vomiting occurs within a day of consumption, your dog will start to become weak and even change their mood into a more subdued or depressed one, so keep your raisins in the cupboard and far far away from those oatmeal raisin cookies you baked on Sunday!

Milk and milk derivatives can cause digestive upset and even food allergies (which will often manifest as itchiness); Yeast in dough will swell their tummies; Macadamia Nuts, even just 6 roasted nuts), can elevate the dogs body temperature, and along with rapid heart rate could be fatal; Theobromine is the toxic agent, which can be found in all kinds of chocolate… even just licking the icing bowl, can cause your dog to have abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures and even death!

Did you know? Although it may seem like the obvious task to get a doggy bag at dinner and give a dog a bone… most of the time dogs just end up choking on them! You see, the bone can splinter inside the puppies belly and in turn cause an obstruction or even a deep laceration wound in their digestive system. Don’t you just wish you could keep them in a play pen all day and avoid the dangers of being a dog?

And last but certainly not least the one thing I am so very guilty of, when it comes to spoiling my pup… SALT! She gets it from me and I have trans-coded my bad habits to my little girl. I often share my salty treats, i.e. chips, pretzels and crackers with my Possum… But, I just discovered writing this article that eating tooooooo much of those salty delicacies can cause her to have excessive thirst and urination… which can lead to Sodium Ion Poisoning? So I started to look out for the symptoms of too much salt: vomiting, diarrhea, depression, tremors, elevated body temperature, and seizures… AND it may even cause DEATH! Oh geez, that’s it! I declare that my pup will be shedding more than just her coat, she will be halting the consumption of salt ASAP! Who knew that a chip or two, or three or four…. could be sooooo lethal?

Well here is what you do… If your dog indulges in the wrong delicacy reach out to either your dogs Veterinarian or the ASPCA/ Animal Poison Control Center @ (888) 426 -4435 and they will give you tips and guidelines to best save your pups life!


Woof, Woof!