Decoding Your Dog

If you’ve ever said to your dog, “I wish you could talk.” Well he or she may not be able to speak but their body language is telling you a lot more.

Let’s start with their adorable eyes. According to Modern Dog Magazine, almond shaped eyes mean they are calm and relaxed. Rounded eyes, similar to humans lets you know they are surprised. One look you may want to be cautious of is what is reffered to as the “whale eye.” This mean you can see the whites of your dog’s eyes.

Like humans, dogs use their tongue to communicate except they don’t use it to speak (obviously.) When a dog’s tongue and lips are loose and they growl, that means they are playing. It looks like a dog version of a smile. When their lips are tight and a bit shakey, then beware if you hear the growl.

What about tell “tail signs” of what your dog is feeling?

A high tail wagging slowly means excitement. For some dogs it will be at a medium level but it means the same thing. A dog trying to tuck his or her tail in means they are afraid.

While you may not hear them say what they are feeling, their ears are big indicator.  Ears pulled up means they are feeling confident. While pulled back ears means fear, nervousness or maybe that they are simply not feeling well.

While these are just some indicators, they help you communicate with your pet and get some insight into what they are feeling helping you be a better pet owner.