Welcome to ‘Dog Week’ @TheYLife


Good Evening YLifer’s and Welcome to ‘Dog Week’ here @TheYLife… Where we have been inspired to take on celebrating those precious little creatures in our lives and honor their innate ability to make our lives that much better!

We have found pets are mans best friend; they love you, support and stand by you no matter what! They refrain from holding grudges and act as vacuum cleaners for anything from potato chips to chicken…

My Possum is my shadow… Not only does she follow me around and lay at my bedside when I feel under the weather, but she is my protector. Waits for me bath side, tucks me into bed and keeps my feet warm as we watch movies! Their hearts are as wide eyed as ours and they feel pain, just as we do, in fact many a’times they feel our pain.

G Says it all starts with the way Archie greets her when she gets home… “I could have the worst day ever, but I know if I get home and “fulff ball” Archie greets me and jumps on me, my heart just melts! I love how he is the best company when I’m being a couch (or bed) potato; He shows me that you can be happy by just enjoying the simple things in life… like a walk outside, just playing around or even “vegging it out.” He shows me happiness is a choice not a destination.”

So to this we pay homage, we celebrate the lives of those little munchkins that brighten our hearts and make us swoon with their innocent, pure and outpouring love, courage and joy!