Tips To Save Day To Day

So a summer full of fun is great but you might have forgotten to save for a rainy day.

Don’t fret. There are ways you can cut some corners and save a little more than expected.

1. Skip the $4 coffee. Grab a cup of joe at home. You can avoid crazy parking, lines , and So so coffee.

2. Make your own lunch. While others get food that was probably made in a hurry, you’ll have a homemade meal and save some dough.

3. Only shop sales. First off, don’t even walk into the store if you know you have a weakness for it. Unless you’re a fashionista, sales are fine . At least until you save a bit. You might not be the most fashionable but you won’t be panicking if you need an emergency stash all of a sudden.

4. If you can get it online, try to. Many times you can get more competitive pricing if you buy some items online; therefore, saving you $$$.

5. Ask yourself if you need it. Do you need that cute shirt or do you want it. Be honest. If you need it buy it. If it’s a want, hold off.