Friday Favorites: Truffle’ BBQ Fingerlings


Good Day YLifer’s… TGIF, right?

But here is the thing… you are coming home late from work and looking to put together a quick bite, but in true #YFoodie tradition, you want a dish that is as gourmet ‘Foodie’ as possible and yet… #AsEasyAs123 !

Fingerling Potatoes are one of the BEST #tricksofthetrade to keep in your fridge for days and pop them in the oven, stove or BBQ when you are ready. Since these guys are smaller in size than the potatoes you are accustomed to seeing at the market, they provide a quick and easy complex carbohydrate alternative! The most magical facet of these fingerlings is that they provide a scapegoat for long baking times, I.e. the hour or more it can take to bake large potatoes. When you roast these little munchkin’s on the grill… the skin browns to a crisp, and yet leaves the piping hot insides equating to a perfectly soft and flaky pastry!

I personally love this spin on Fingerlings and you can even try it out this weekend, if you choose to do a cookout!

Truffle’ BBQ Fingerlings

Aluminum Foil Basket (take 3 sheet of Aluminum Foil, 1 FT. Long)

1 LB. Fingerling Potatoes

1 Tsp. Kosher Salt

1 Tsp. Fresh Ground Peppe

1 Tsp. Garlic Powder

1 Tbsp. Herbs de’ Provence

2 Tbsp. Truffle Oil

Sprinkle with Dried Chives

Seal your Foil Basket and Heat on BBQ @ Medium Heat for 45 Minutes

Allow Fingerlings to sit still sealed for 10 Minutes

Unpack your Foil Basket and serve

As you nibble on your potato bites… You will feel the roasted herbs ruffle against your lips, and the tang from the Truffle Oil heighten your every sensation, at the same moment these flavors are bursting in your mouth your tummy will be thanking you for the pleasing sensation that came with an #EasyAs123 #GourmetYFoodie selection!