What Would A UV Camera Show You?

What do you think your skin would look like if you appeared in front of a UV camera?

The camera is meant to show you and others the amount of sun damage on your skin.

Would it show perfect skin? A face of freckles? Black spots?

Artist  Thomas Leveritt  took it upon himself to show a group of people at a New York park what excess sun exposure really did to them. Though some effects were unseen, the UV camera quickly unmasked it whether it was dark spots, freckles, etc.

Once he showed them their face under UV light, he showed them what sunblock and glass does to protect them.

Now, we all need sun to synthesize vitamin D but excess can cause premature aging, spots, and worst of all skin cancer.

Take a look ….

While it may seem like a commercial, the effects of the sun are a fact so if there is anything you should take away from this it’s not to wear sunscreen all the time, although it would help. It’s to at least be mindful of what you put your skin and its many layers through. Be mindful and take care of yourself.