Your Body On Little To No Sleep

Now that you hopefully got some rest using some of  TheYLife’s sleep remedies, you might want to find out the full of effect your lack of sleep has on you.

While you may have felt them, some of the effects you may be not be as obvious.

Starting with your thought process, lack of sleep actually dumbs you down, according to WebMD. If you find yourself a lot slower the next day it’s because such little sleep impairs alertness, concentration, and problem-solving abilities. If you find yourself trying to remember something and you can’t, you can also blame that on lack of sleep.

Then there’s the effects you’ll mostly realize with time. Those who constantly suffer from lack of sleep or suffer from a sleep disorder, are at high risk of suffering from heart disease, heart failure, strokes, diabetes and high blood pressure, among other diseases.

It can also affect your sex drive! For those who have a significant other or are interested in keeping your libido up, get some sleep! Not just for you but for the sake of your romantic life. Both men and women who were sleep deprived reported lower libidos and a drop in interest of having sex. Now that can become a problem.

Now these are just some of the effects  of lack of sleep. There is a long list, so the point is, take our advice. Try some of the suggestions and work towards getting some ZZZs. Don’t give up those hours unless your willing to suffer its negative effects.

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