Sleepless Saturday Night


As the tale goes you can try to count endless rounds of sheep to whisk away your Saturday Night Fever… But, once you hit your mid-twenties those tricks no longer cut the insomnia rounded up from the stress of the week gone by!

I’m not sure about you, but I have noticed as of late how down right tortured my evenings can be when all I do is toss and turn! I roll over pick-up my phone, every hour on the hour, and notice time has not really passed… And don’t get me wrong a cat nap or two have been the unsettling rhythm of the night, but this pattern MUST come to a halt and well I haven’t a choice but to revert back to old world traditions to ensure I start to get some REST!

So here are some of those famous traditional remedies to help you get some snooze without having to go on medication!

1. Warm Milk with Cinnamon: This soothing remedy is one my mom has always resorted to when it comes to helping sleep habits! Something about warm milk before bed, will never fail you- as it reminds your body of being a baby and sends you right into the sleep zone. Calcium promotes sleep along with the amino acid L-tryptophan,which is found in Milk. You see the acid turns to 5-HTP and releases relaxing serotonin and it in turn promotes SLEEP!

2. Chamomile or Linden Tea: These Tea leaves are 100% RELAXING! Proven time and time again a cup of these soothing herbs before bed will relax your body and allow it to settle into ‘Beddie Bye’!

3. Cherries: One of the only natural food sources of melatonin, which researchers say is the chemical that controls the body’s internal clock, and in turn regulates sleep… So a bowl of Cherries for dessert, might not just be the perfect late night snack calorically, but also to help you crash!

4. Wine & Warm Bath: Well let’s be honest, this one is self- explanatory! Not only do the grapes used to make wine contain melatonin, the hormone secreted by the human brain to tell the body when it’s time to slumber… BUT, a warm bath will soothe your body and prepare you to slip into bed.

5. Lavender: Lavender can help you relax and get rest, in fact it’s been used for insomnia for years. One way to use this natural remedy is to place a couple lavender essential oil drops on your: pillow , sheets, or pajamas at night… This #trickofthetrade works well for children and is safe for pregnant women! Men and Women have placed Lavender sprigs in their pillows for a soothing nights sleep, because the aroma is known to ease anxiety and insomnia according to research study after study!

So as the clock strikes 11 PM… Make sure to try some of these late night remedies!