Top Jobs Without An Office

Some people love the comfort of  an office others see it as a form of prison either way, you have a choice and various options. So these are just some of the top jobs without an office.

Registered Nurse

You’ll be on your feet all day and you’ll be taking care of people. Don’t opt for this job if you hate hospitals and aren’t good at dealing with people. The hours might be crazy but it is very rewarding and you will avoid the office setting.

Physical Therapists

For the amount of work they do, they get paid well and it helps people recuperate from injuries and operations. Most places will let you set your hours depending on your clients.


Right off the bat, most pharmacists get paid near six figures right out of college. While it does take time to study it, the reward is great. You can either opt to work for a small mom and pop pharmacy or work in corporate.


If you’re good with kids and love the idea of shaping young minds along with the idea of having 3 months off in the summer, teaching may be for you. Patience is key but know you’ll be helping the next generations to come.

Event Planner

If you’re a social butterfly and love going to events, this is great for you.  This may mean long hours and thinking out of the box, but you’ll be creating something for those wanting to celebrate or come together for something.