August 12th does more than just mark the 224th day of the year… it also happens to be #InternationalYouthDay

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon marked today with these words… “As we mark International Youth Day 2014, let us enable youth with mental health conditions to realize their full potential, and let us show that mental health matters to us all.”

Also known as Resolution 54/120, which was encrypted back in December of 1999 by the United Nations General Assembly, whom took on recommendations from the World Conference of Ministers to declare a day known worldwide as #InternationalYouthDay. The goal was to bring awareness to the long standing battles youth face i.e. issues focusing on the power of mental health, related to conditioning the tenderness of a soul’s non-developed emotional armor… youth can often be gravely impacted by stigmas of discrimination, related to bullying and depression, that are formed at such a young age. In turn, these discouraging facets of life detour young people from reaching their full potential later in life.

Isn’t it poignant, how Robin Williams, a maestro of comedy… a genius in the art of laughter… a man who became successful at such a young age, was influenced so heavily by the pressure of Hollywood. His vulnerabilities tortured by his own mental health battle and causing him to conclude on the script of his life before our time with him was due. His passing came oddly enough the eve of International Youth Day– bringing to light the power of words more than ever. Although today our hearts and prayers @TheYLife go out to The Williams’ Family, may the peace and love the world is sending your way, reach and touch your souls- we are also reminded of the power humans can carry.

During good times and bad, we must take the time to be assured that raising awareness of this pivotal topic, helps to ensure young people with mental health issues, will not feel alone and can lead full and healthy lives free from the torture and pain linked to hatred, isolation and self- retaliation.

A very important youth event is happening this week… The world comes together for the #YouthOlympicGames in Najing, China. The #YOG as many refer to it, is a time to recognize and bask in the talents of our worlds youth. In turn, we are able to bring about a newly cultivated culture honing in on the sanctity of inclusiveness and teamwork, which will enrich the world of the future. You see, it goes beyond The Y Generation- as we bleed into the future, it is our time to realize how vital it will be to help mold future generations abilities to make better choices, than the ones our generation has made.

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The seeds we are planting today, will be the fruit of tomorrow.