Comfort Food a la Cuban

20140805-220759-79679216.jpg For those of you who may not know this I grew up in a Cuban household… Although my Great- Grandparents and even my Grandmother are from Europe they lived in pre-revolutionary Cuba until they sought asylum in The United States during the 1950s. I was born in the Good Ol’ U S of A and couldn’t have been more thankful to my grandparents for blessing me with that gift. Although they came to America bearing no material possessions except the clothes on their back and a few hundred dollars in the soles of my Abuelo’s shoes– they brought with them their undeniably delicious recipes… many of which I have shared with you on @TheYLife!

Cubans have comfort food, although it doesn’t fit into the traditional category of Fried Chicken, Hamburgers, Mac n’ Cheese, Mashed Potatoes or even Turkey and Dressing… You see they are a bit more well… Cuban when it comes to comfort.

Chicken Soup is an absolute must when you have a cold, Tilo Tea (Form of Chamomile) is a tradition when you are stressed, Pork for all Holidays and Special Occasions along with Black Beans and White Rice (those are an everyday occasion) and some good ol’ Dulce De Leche when your boyfriend brakes up with you!

One of my personal favorite Cuban Comfort Foods, which I have been eating since I was just a little girl is called ‘Arroz Con Huevos Fritos’… Country/ peasant food is how some refer to it, I simply call it a little slice of heaven wrapped in the foil of my childhood. As simple as it may seem to you just fried eggs laid atop of rice (white or brown)… This dish is actually quite the challenge.

Y? Well you see the eggs have to be fried to the perfect consistency… Not to soft and not to hard, but still oozing yolk right down the middle! My mom acquired the skill from my Grandma Mimi and from her I take lessons every time she is frying the eggs!

Arroz Con Huevos Fritos:

Begin by heating 4 Tbsp. Of Butter or Butter substitute like Earth Balance (What we use in my house) on High Heat

Once the Butter has begun to bubble, gently crack 4 Eggs into your pan

Cover the Pan and begin the process of continually pouring the HOT Butter over the Eggs. Mom estimates that every minute and a half or so makes perfect time to lift the lid and re-drizzle Butter on the frying Eggs!

The Trick: The second you begin to see a slightly tinted white filament forming over the yolk of the Egg… It is time to remove it!

Eggs will still retain their gooeyness, but simultaneously fully cook through to prevent sickness.

Trick #2: the The instant you place your fried eggs atop your rice…vertically slice your Eggs over your Rice and then follow-up by horizontally chopping up those pieces…

The BEST Trick of ALL????

Knowing how to properly fold your minced fried Egg and your Rice Kernels together.

A task I defer to my Grandma, to this day when she is in the room! #ArrozConHuevosFritos is a dish I have been indulging in since I was little girl; it is simple food … Eggs and Rice… That’s it!

The reason it was considered a poor man’s premiere dish, is because on the Cuban countryside or during the Depression in Spain and France, (where my family is from)… You see, when times were tough #ArrozConHuevosFritos made it possible to feed your family and provide both a starch and a protein!

So when you want to feel like a little girl again, try making this dish.. And prepare to let your tummy and heart be filled with the joy of #ComfortFoodALaCuban