Podcasts That May Change The Way You Think

You can listen to podcasts while you’re working out, while you’re driving, while you’re cleaning up your room or even while you’re tanning…basically anytime you don’t need to be listening to someone.

Entertainment, education, and languages…etc. Podcasts cover almost everything but there are only some that  really stand out when it comes to teaching you to think differently and leaving that seedling of knowledge and question in your head.

So here are just a few that will do that for you.

Freakonomics Radio

They are the masters of connecting things you may not even know were connected. Even the title of the podcasts make you want to click on it like “Why You Should Bribe Your Kids” or “What do King Solomon and David Lee Roth Have In Common?” Makes you think about it doesn’t it?

Bulletproof Radio

Those who think differently or have some sort of inspiration to impart go on this show that is meant to help you improve your life and the way you think or even just to plant an idea in your noggin. The podcast is set up as more of a conversation between the guest and the host. You almost feel like you’re sitting with them over coffee. The relaxed feel of the podcast helps it flow smoothly and teach you a thing or two.

Girl On Guy

Aisha Tyler has this way way of making her guests feel comfortable, like she is talking to them as a friend. This podcast is more about entertainment but it’s not bland or superficial. She exposes her guests as more than just entertainers She shows that they are an artist in their craft while adding some lighthearted humor and conversation to the podcast.

Stuff You Should Know  

This podcast gives the breakdown from health topics to economics. No more will things seem too hard to understand. As long as it’s broken down and covered in this podcast, you will be able to understand and even talk about it. Maybe teach others who may not be as enlightened  by each topic covered. It definitely makes you think differently about everyday things, you normally may have taken for granted.

 The Bugle 

You may recognize his voice from the new HBO show called “Last Week Tonight.” It’s John Oliver! Now this podcast is more for news nerds or those who love Stephen Colbert or the Daily Show.  You’ll get a breakdown of things happening around the world in a more humorous manner while still informing you. It’s funny, entertaining and educational. Did I already mention it has John Oliver!?