Y Mom Always Said…


Y Mom Always Said… Breakfast is the most important meal of your day! Like many of you, I have always wondered if these things mom would tell us growing up were fact or fiction… If she truly meant it when she said “Don’t EVER take a bath when it’s lightening outside”… Or “You can’t swim after you eat”… Or the classic ” Breakfast is THE most important meal of your day!”

I recently realized Y’s needed someone to take the baton and set off on the journey to prove some of the mysteries of our youth… So this series of articles titled ‘Y Mom Always Said’ comes to you, in an effort to either debunk HER theories or prove HER to be oh so right! Yes, in case you are wondering #HER is that amazing woman in your life, who has never wanted anything more than to keep you safe, although sometimes maybe a little tooooo safe?? This is where @TheYLife kicks off the ‘Y Mom Always Said’ series… Start looking out for G & L, #minimissions to prove whether Mom was right or WRONG!

Our first attempt at debunking a #MoMTheory comes in the shape of Breakfast. Is it true or false that ‘Breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day?’

Ouch! I guess #Momwasright on this one… Weight gain and slower brain function are just some of the side effects that come hand in hand with skipping breakfast! You see, we tend to eat more food when we finally sit down for a meal… it has been proven humans even snack on HIGHER calorie foods, when they have been starving for hours and hours on end. The normal person sleeps anywhere from 5 to 7 hours a day so that means without breakfast you could be going 10 – 12 hours daily WITHOUT food!

Although it is vital for adults to eat breakfast each day, so that we can perform better within our responsibilities, i.e. work, family and well MORE work… kids need #Breakfast even MORE! As kids are growing, their bodies are constantly developing and so are their brains. Food is the bodies fuel, it keeps the engine running, if you will… so regular refueling is needed to keep the body and soul going strong! When kids and adults at that, skip that first re-fueling at breakfast, their engine will begin to fail.

 So for today #MOM was #RIGHT!