Odd Jobs To Make Some Extra Cash

If you’re looking for some quick cash but can’t find it at your current job or even if you don’t have a current job, a little work here and there would help.

Now, these are not career jobs. They are meant to help you help others do tasks they might not want to do but result in you getting some extra green.

Whether you’ve needed quick cash or not, it’s always good to know you have options.


Depending on what course you help with, you could end up making more than $100 an hour. You’re also helping someone become a better student. It’s a win, win! 

Spacemaking Master 

If you find, you’re quite good at organizing and keeping things clean, try lending others your expertise. Find people who want to clean out and organize rooms in their homes as well as install shelves and cabinets. It’s manual labor but you’d be surprised how much people are willing to pay to not have to do this.


If you have a neighbor who has kids, let them know you’re available to watch them. If they feel comfortable with you, plus the convenience factor that you’re near them, then you’ll have a great opportunity, almost right at your front door. If you hate kids, do not try to take on this job.

Freelance Blogging 

If writing is your calling or something you like to do, try and make some extra cash off it. Look for online job postings. Many people run their own websites but don’t have the time to put in all the content. It’s a great job because it forces you to learn about other topics if necessary or a post, plus it is something nice to put on your resume. Also, you’re making money from home a lot of the times!

Freelance Assistant  

It sounds like a typical job and sometimes it can become one. While someone may not need an assistant full-time now, more work may come in and poof…they’ll need you more which is a nice option to have. You can offer your assisting services across the board in various job sectors which makes this option so great. You can look on craigslist or other job sites for people looking for  temporary assistant. This is also a great way to experience other industries and find out what you like.

While these jobs, may not be permanent in many cases, they help you discover what you like working in plus help you get extra cash which you may need for a rainy day or now. It’s good to know you have options and the opportunity to continue in the daily hustle.