Top Stress-Fighting Foods

 At one point you may feel stressed out whether it’s work, home or our generation’s addiction to technology. Something gets to you at times. Now, you can fight it mentally but you can also help stave off it’s bad effects by eating certain foods.

Blueberries /Fruit


They are known to have some of the highest levels of the antioxidant anthcyanin which has been linked to better cognition skills.  They are also rich in vitamin C which has shown to lower your blood pressure and lower levels of cortisol in your body, according to



Dark Chocolate

This sweet treat has been linked to lower blood pressure and the feeling of calmness. According to WebMD, studies have shown it lowers stress hormones including cortisol and the “fight or flight” hormones. While it did show that, the study had people eat the equivalent of one average sized chocolate bar each day for two weeks.  So while it is good for battling stress, stay aware of how much dark chocolate you eat.



Consumption of this complex carb causes your brain to produce serotonin which is known as the “feel-good chemical,” making you feel happier. It helps create a soothing feeling which helps you stave off stress. Not only does it keep stress at bay, studies have shown it helps you be mentally sharper. It also helps you feel fuller longer, helping you stay on track if you’re trying to lose weight.


If you suffer from anxiety and depression, this may be good for you. Low levels of zinc have been linked to both. Luckily, cashews are high in protein and zinc, so it’s a healthy snack and a great way to battle stress.  Careful with how much you eat, they are high in calories. Did I mention they also help you feel fuller longer.

If you don’t feel like munching on any of these foods, you can always sip on green or chamomile tea which has shown to help battle stress and help you feel calm.