La Bonne Soupe …


Looking for the Best French Fare in THE City on a #YBudget?

@TheYLife has the 411 on #LaBonneSoupe

Established in 1973 this little nook is so New York, it’s scary! Located in the heart of Midtown’s West side it is one of L’s favorite spots. Here you can not just indulge in delectable French fare, but you revel in the perfectly encapsulated aura of Old World French charm smack in the middle of Manhattan.

Whether you nibble on a savory or sweet Crepe, sip on a classic French Onion Soup… while playing a gentle tug  a’ war game with its oozing Swiss or simply melt into the perfectly fluffy cloud of Quiche Loraine… the romanticization of this bistro will forever steal your heart.

As the dimly candlelit scenery and raging scented aroma of sizzling butter transports you to your own #MidnightInParis… You suddenly awaken to realize how incredulous the feet may be. You soon learn it’s not about the $$$ signs on the menu, but the SSS = most precise paradigm of a fabulous restaurant experience.

Service, Selection and Scenery… These 3 S’s are of much more value to you than the hype of the fanfare that makes up the buzz of other spots. The Service is personalized, the Selection’s are truthfully honest and pure and the Scenery is incomparable. We often forget what matters most when choosing dining options and it brings great pleasure for me to place my @TheYLife #SSS Stamp of approval on La Bonne Soupe!

Owner “Jean-Paul and Monique Picot took the bistro’s name from the avant garde comedy La Bonne Soupe by the French playwright Félicien Marceau, which had a long successful run in Paris in the 1950′s… The phrase la bonne soupe has come to mean the good life, with health, wealth and happiness… Hundred recipes from the quintessential French-American bistro including directions for preparing their award-winning onion soup… Bistro cooking made easy with mouth-watering recipes, family memories and great tips on techniques, cookware and ingredients. The best chocolate mousse, quiches, omelets, fondues and more…! Par ici la Bonne Soupe!” – La Bonne Soupe 

Here is a hint… MY Favorite item on the Menu is the Nicoise Salad and boy did they know to make it right! Freshly chopped crunchy greens act as the bed for the salads accouterments, including: Hard Boiled Eggs, Blanched Haricots Verts, Black Olives, Tomatoes and Fresh White Tuna… drizzled with a French Vinaigrette and cooled to perfection. Add a side of #FRETES and everything else falls under the category of ‘understatement’!

My best option for this #SSS: Take a few friends, order more options and revel in the joyful exaltations of your taste-buds!

Interested in visiting, L’s new favorite spot?

La Bonne Soupe

48 W 55th Street