Y Small Steps Help You More Than You Think

If you like running, then do it. If you like dancing, then do it. If you like yoga, go for it.

BUT for those who aren’t big into working out but big on staying healthy and eating healthy, just know that a walk a day can have some major benefits and help stave off that obesity epidemic we’re dealing with.

While just walking 15 minutes will not help  you lose weight, it can help you maintain your weight and  raise your heart rate.

It can also strengthen your lungs, heart and muscles and improve your bone density, according to live strong.com.

If you’re stressed at work, a 15 minute walk will also help soothe you an relieve that stress.

What’s even better is if you walk after eating. It helps digest whatever you just put into your body.

If you can, try to do 30 minutes for added benefits but let’s face it, any walking is better than nothing.

The Centers For Disease Control & Prevention recommends about 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity which means… brisk walking.  Let’s not forget the recommended 2 or more days of  muscle training.

Any way you can fit that minimum in, the better even if it is broken down into 15 to 30 minute walks throughout the week.