Thanx 4 #Spanxing


Well I said I would update @TheYLife readers on my #Spanxing journey and so here it is ladies and gentlemen….

I have reached the pinnacle of womanhood, since I started wearing #Spanx, it is as though those little tight fitting briefs revolutionized the way I feel about my body in a dress… And it was as #Easyas123 !

We all know about the day I was motivated to buy my first pair… To say it was Sprung on me quite suddenly, is an understatement! I was flung into the realization, that I was no longer a girl and had no choice, but to deal with having a woman’s body. My hips ballooned, I began to retain water and realized potato chips in excess could cause me to grow a cup size in a couple weeks.

As we mature, stress starts to inflict our life in ways we never imagined and as this day-to-day whirlwind becomes a reality… Larger hips ALSO become an unavoidable fact of your life!

My first day wearing Spanx was magical, this feeling of happiness consumed me! I no longer worried about my mini- muffin top causing me appear 3 months pregnant, you see I can now drink a Trenti Iced Green Tea, have an exploding bladder and still appear to have a flattened waistline! Who knew?!

Well now I know the truth and have seen the other side of fixing fashion and let me tell you… it is my duty to share my favorite #tricksofthetradewithU !!!!


Make sure to look at the chart on the back of the package to find the correct size that fits your body type!