Hummus n’ Fries… Really?!

Hummus and French Fries?! Really… I mean REALLY?!

As I was spending the afternoon with my cousin, we stopped in for some Middle Eastern fare, as I browsed the menu I realized I had a craving for only two of the items… Hummus and French Fries! Just in case you are wondering… No, I am NOT pregnant! But there is just something so tantalizing to the taste buds about eating freshly fried French Fries and freshly made Hummus.

Hummus is a traditional spread made from cooked chickpeas, that are blended tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic and is dominant in Middle Eastern region for millennia… in fact, the word ‘Hummus’ is directly translated in Arabic to ‘chickpeas’ and enjoyed from Syria to Jordan and Israel to Palestine. It seems no matter the political and religious turbulence, one thing everyone has in common is Hummus! High in Iron and Vitamin C, chickpeas are known to be a wonderful source of protein and dietary fiber, making it the supplemental reasoning why Hummus is used in many Vegan and vegetarian diets!

French Fries or chips, as many around the world call them, are basically deep-fried potatoes, going back in American history to 1802 when Thomas Jefferson served potatoes made in the ‘French manner’ at a White House dinner. Today certain nations eat their fries with Gravy called poutine in Canada; Mayonnaise is used to dress-up Fries in France; Ketchup is the U.S.’S choice and Vinegar is predominant in Britain…

BUT @TheYLife Nation we have been exploring two of L’s Favorite dishes and how well the two flavors compliment each other… Its the crunchy and freshly fried slices of potatoes, when they are dipped in the smooth and creamy texture of the Hummus … It =’s Perfection!

DON’T knock it before you TRY IT!

And … think of L when you do, I can promise you it will be worth your while.