Grand Central Market

20140627-105544-39344467.jpgIt’s getting to be just around that time where every minute till 5 O’Clock means the world to you, right?Trust me, I know that feeling exactly– You have been cooped up at your desk since 8 AM without an end in sight… But, now there is a glimpse of hope, as the clock strikes 15′ till freedom you start to crave adventure and relaxation EVEN more! It’s because you can taste it, and it tastes like a crisp and sweet honey dew on warm end of Summer’s day!

As you grab your purse, slip on your flats and jolt for the door… it suddenly hits you– What’s for Dinner?

Well, you could always pick-up something pre-made at a deli or order in Chinese… But, what about picking up some fresh pickings for a nice filling Vegan Salad with all the trimmings on your way home? At the train station?! No Way… YES Way!

The year was 1869 and Vanderbilt had just purchased that property between 42nd and 48th streets a.k.a the one between Lexington and Madison Avenue… for the construction of a new train depot and rail yard. It would soon be this site, that would rise to the grandeur that is the first Grand Central Station and be known internationally as the hub of transportation within the island of NY.

Grand Central Market is nestled just inside Grand Central Station… As surprising as this may sound, the produce is as fresh as it gets at any local farmers market in the city! I was shocked and excited at the exact same time when I walked through each little kiosk; I took in the sights of the fresh vibrant colored fruits and veggies, the smells of fresh heirloom tomatoes and seafood from the docks gently cushioned against crushed ice and then add to that mix, the sounds of the hustle and bustle of any New York City train station… and you have a gem! Maybe it is the fact that you aren’t quite sure if people are more excited to get home, or well… Get Home, but the energy is almost as filling as the food!

Awe struck by this dynamic, I began to do some investigating and was encountered at each perfectly orchestrated pivot with a new discovery– whether it was the sweet oxford tint of fresh North Eastern Cherries or the aromatic sensuality of the crisp potted herb garden at my knees. Rosemary, Basil and Thyme… Oh MY! I could hardly contain my excitement– in the middle of a city where your hours should be as flexible as your Yoga posses, there is still availability to eat healthy even if it means making your grocery your station as well.

Now, let’s not be coy here… you are obviously going to pay a little more for the convenience of transportation and shopping being ideally ‘synced; but, what means more to you your viability and sanity or saving a buck?

The signs don’t fable the quality ‘Farm To Table’ is true and blue… I am not just saying this, I went ahead and purchased some fresh fruit, a macaroon… or 2… and some fresh juice and I was nothing but satisfied! Soooo if you too are interested in delving into some fresh delights and trying out this spot in THE City located at: 89 E 42nd Street (right off Lexington) or visit the website The Grand Central Market