Y Loyalty Is Not A Top Priority For Generation Y

Amid a fickle society taught to go for the next big thing is us. Generation Y is the generation who grew up to want one “cool” thing then the next but what do you think it teaches us?

No loyalty to consumer products, but it also inherently teaches us to move from one thing to the next.

This sense of jumping from one thing to the next, one trends to the next, one item you HAVE to have to the new item you HAVE to have…it creates a pattern that can seep into various parts of our lives including work, relationships, life in general.

This pattern can result in a lack of loyalty on our part.

This may explain why our generation does not stick with one job for 20 years like some of our grandparents did. This may explain why there is more people calling it quits and getting divorces. This may explain why we are constantly looking ahead instead of enjoying the moment. The point is this mentality breeds disloyalty to many things but above all, ourselves.

Each season looks change and we are expected to fall in line. Suddenly that awesome patterned romper you liked to wear may not be “in” anymore or that color of lipstick is from last season.

It’s a disloyalty to who we really are as individuals.

So my challenge to you is for you to know what is hype and what do you actually like? When you feel like you need something more, ask yourself if you need it.

Ask yourself why you’re constantly looking for the next thing…is it better or have you been socialized to think that way?

What do you think you are capable of being loyal to ? Why? Are you capable of just enjoying the moment?

It’s not about pointing fingers. It’s about going on a journey for yourself and learning to be true to you and what you want. So while our generation has grown up in very fickle times, we as individuals can grow and live on our own terms as Generation Y.