Y “Wine-Os” Have A New Club


Calling all wine lovers a.k.a “Wine-Os!”

While that “Cab” may be great, a new club is calling on wine lovers to expand their vineyard horizons and try  new wines each month.

It’s called “Club W” and thanks to their “Palette Profiles” they can suggest wines they think you would like and ship them right to your front door.

The way it works is you take a mini quiz for them to determine what you like then they tailor their recommendations based on the results. You can choose how many red and white wines are recommended to you . The more they get to know your tastes , the better recommendations you’ll get.

The club’s website says they also get small production wine from around the world.

Each month there are new recommendations to please your palette. If you like a wine you got the month before, then you can have it sent again the following month (if they still have bottles).

If you know what you like, you can also browse through what they have in their shop.

The monthly service starts at 3 bottles for $39 each month plus a $6 flat rate shipping fee. If you really love wine and order 6 bottles a month, then shipping is free.

It’s better than browsing the supermarket aisles, guessing what new wine might be good.

Click here for more information.