Into the Unknown: Movie Review


As I was sitting home relaxing on the couch Saturday night, cozied up to my Dog, with a bowl of Oatmeal watching Documentaries… Oh boy, here it comes! I know what you are thinking… and yes, yes I have no shame in admitting, I spent my Saturday night on my couch watching documentaries!

And I wonder why I am still single?!

But this Saturday was different, it was especially eye opening! I spent the evening watching a BBC1 film titled ‘David Beckham into the Unknown’ and I must confess I was smitten and BTW it had absolutely nothing to do with Beckham’s looks.

I was swooning over the idea of ‘Simplicity‘ and the extraordinary viability that word has in our 21st Century world. I realized we spend our entire lives trying to find valuable ways to complicate them… whether that be by minimizing our self- worth or devaluating the power of our heart strings. As we grow older, we begin to understand our world is full of people who are too consumed in daily rituals and taking each instant for granted, instead of valuing moments for their worth… EVERYTHING!

I learned such valuable life lessons from watching #DavidBeckhamintotheUnknown that I had to share my revitalization with each and every one of you. Whether it came in the form, as simple, as the smile of a child, or riding motorbikes through the Amazon Rain Forest with 3 of his best friends… Beckham explored the journey of unclogging life from the smog of materialism, celebrity and responsibility. Although we may not be celebrities and our stresses may be quite different than theirs, pressures always have the same recipe when they are impacting your truth. During the 2- hour Docu-Movie, which shown light on the blessings of natural beauty I saw how vast the impact of Globalization has been on even the most remote people of the world; by altering their landscape we have in turn changed their present and future.

As the four friends traveled on their voyage, I saw personal growth exude through my television. The paradox where traveling light on your path, meets the absence of comforts we know today, and is then fed by the fuel of exploring a new world whose reliance on modern technology is not a present factor in estimating their happiness, was by far the best lesson learned.

As we gather to revel in FIFA excitement, USA takes on Germany tomorrow, it might be a wise choice to sit and watch this Documentary tonight. Into the Unknown will shine new light on the other side of Brazil, in turn enhancing your scope of human humility, whether it’s when Beckham visits Favelas or on his Amazonian journey…

“No matter where you go, the same things matter to everyone- family and friendship… It’s all about the simple life.” -David Beckham in

David Beckham into the Unknown’