Noni: The New Super Cure?

A buzz has been going around about this shrub called “Noni” that provides some major health benefits. Noni can be found in places like Southeast Asia to Australia staying around the tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean.

There are various claims Noni treats a long list of ailments and conditions  like : colic, convulsions, cough, diabetes,nausea. asthma, arthritis,cancer,  depression, digestive problems, high blood pressure,heart disease, AIDS, and even drug addiction. Facts are facts though while Noni may be used for many of these things scientific evidence slims out these claims.

According to the National Center For Complementary  And Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), Noni has shown to have antioxidant, tumor-fighting, and immune -stimulating properties. While lab research is still pretty new, the National Cancer Institute is doing some  preliminary research on the shrub  for possible breast cancer prevention and treatment.

For now, The Food and Drug Administration have filed various warnings to manufacturers of Noni about health claims that aren’t backed up by fact.

This so called super fruit may have numerous claims behind it but buyer beware, science has yet to prove its various uses work.


“Y” Should you care?

Buyer beware. It is always good to read up on the facts of what you put into your body. Anyone can claim it cures various conditions but its up to you to make a well informed decision on whether to use it for that purpose.

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