5 Friends You Should Have in Your Y Life

It’s all good when we are motivating ourselves and being our own support systems but the reality is and don’t deny it…we always need a little help from our friends.

Now, it is said your friends show different facets of your personality. Like you have your crazy friend when your want to get a little crazy, the one that motivates you , the one that calls your “BS,” the one that helps you get ready . If you’re lucky you can find some of these mixes in one person.

Just in case you feel like doing a bit of soul searching or friend searching, these 5 types may be people you should have in your circle of friends.

1. The Motivator

This can be a friend or a mentor. They’re the person or people who when you can’t be your own cheerleader, they’ll give you that extra push or motivational talk. That person asks you questions about your future and career and helps you think about what you want when it comes to your goals. After you speak to them, you may feel even more hyped up about things you’re working on .Whether they’re in your field of work or a lifelong friend, this person inspires and motivates you to be better.

2. The Fun One

While it’s all well and good to focus on work and your goals, sometimes you need a bit of fun to blow off some smoke. This person or people help you and sometimes even teach you to do that. This person helps you get unwound and just simply enjoy F-U-N.  This is the one you can go out with or just hang out with and they are always fun.  They help you enjoy life just a little more.

3. The Cray Cray One

Speaking of enjoying life, this person knows exactly how to do it. In fact, you’re probably most of the time saying you can’t believe what she/he did (in a non-judgemenal way of course.) The point is this is the person who you probably get crazy with when you’re together whether it’s going out all night and doing crazy things to just doing random, out of the ordinary things , this person takes you out of your comfort zone and takes you on little adventures. Some great memories are made with these type of friends but you may need them in doses. Too much craziness may lead to a major imbalance in your life.

4. The Non-BSer

In reality, you want all your friends to be very honest with you but you know that some may sugar coat things. That’s when this friend comes in. This is the one you call when you need a harsh slap of reality whether its about an item you’re buying or things you’re going through in life, this person helps keep you in check and is not afraid to be blunt. While it may hurt sometimes, we all need a dose of reality and this friend makes sure you get it and it’s done with love.

5. The Companion

This is the person or people who will go with you anywhere good and bad.  This person is like a support system. They’re more than a friend. They’re more like family. While they may not be the most fun of your friends or the craziest or the smartest, they sure do have your back and that is the number one key to friendship.

While the you may have these all or may not have these types of friends, at all, you may be one of these or a bunch of these types for other people . In the end, it’s about having those who have got your back and are a positive in your life.