Y Guys R like Ice Cream?!


This ‘Man vs Ice Cream’ analogy had massive developments for me over the weekend, as I was lounging pool-side with my best friend… we found it our rhetoric to be so flavorfulI just had to share it with my YLife. As K and I sipped on tropical orange, strawberry and banana lemonade we began to delve into our routine gossip catch-up session. The convo soon led to divulging dating details from a recent dinner- date I had been on. As I began to describe the evening to K, she stopped me still and asked me to get to the ‘juicy part’ and describe more of HIM and less of the night. Houston we have a PROMBLEM… all I could surmise about him, was that he was ‘SUCH a nice guy’! And with one glance, we both knew it was hopeless! Our potential future was dead in the water.

I blurted out, “I’m sorry… but HE was Vanilla!” and don’t get me wrong– for many girls Vanilla is perfect… I thought to myself, this is the flavor some girls long for their whole lives. Personally, I must confess that something inside me wishes I was more receptive to Vanilla but my quarter- life crisis has innately convinced me, I need excitement and adventure, someone willing to explore and crack me out of my pristine “bubble”! I crave Rocky Road!!!!!… But WHY?! 

Men are 100% Human Ice Cream… they swindle us with their sweetness, indulge us with their chivalry and completely crush us with calories once the heat has subsided and they have melted away! But, on the other hand… they comfort us with their cuddles, tempt us with their taste and convince us that sometimes taking a risk and trying something new is the ONLY way to order…

Why do young women who are soooooo full of promise and potential, yes US! The ones who want to find love and deserve to meet their Vanilla, which eventually morphs into Cookie Dough a.k.a ‘perfect ‘future‘ husband and father’… ALWAYS end up magnetically vortex-ED to Chocolate and Rocky Road?

Let’s face it… we all know what we should be having, but in that moment when you step up to the coolers and start to taste the ENORMOUS flavor selection… which by the way, is there any way we could try to eliminate some of those options?! AT LEAST, promise me this… go through the drive-through while you are PMS’ing… Because trust me, you will start to question what you should be having and start to melt, pun intended, for what is absolutely calorically and emotionally a nightmare!

I think that is exactly the problem… we want the flavor that we know will be best for our hearts and our hips, but when push comes to shove every girl NEEDS to add sprinkles EVEN to her Vanilla! So maybe changing flavor spectrums all together IS your answer OR just being open and willing to add the right toppings to make your Vanilla a little less Plain and a little more Perfect!


Frankly with all of my allergies, I have concluded that my perfect man is more of an Orange Sorbet! LOL

What Is Yours?


The ‘Man vs Ice Cream’ Menu:

Vanilla = Plain & Simple … “The Nice Guy”

Rocky Road = Exciting BUT Trouble

Dulce De Leche = Exotic Summer Fling

Mint Chocolate Chip = Bougie Boy

Coffee = Overbearing

Coconut = CRAZY

Strawberry =  Metro Sexual

Chocolate= Always the one you want, never right for U

Cookie Dough = Perfect ‘future’ husband and father

Orange Sorbet= Kosher, Kind and Karing … MY perfect guy