S.W.E.R: ‘Dreamers Dream of Passing in The House’


Sitting in the hands of Capitol Hill this Thursday 27th of June is the #ImmigrationReformBill and in a historic vote the Senate passed the bill.

In South Florida, S.W.E.R a youth led coalition and the affiliated chapter of the nationwide movement ‘United We Dream’ (the largest immigrant youth- based/led organization in the country with 52 affiliates in 25 states) was anxiously awaiting today’s vote. You see, the fate of immigrant youth across the nation hangs in the balance of the bill, now set to be voted on in the House, which has been their main concern.

There is no denying the Y Generation has had an impact in raising awareness for reform; we spoke with Jorge Tume, a spokes-youth for the Organization “S.W.E.R. ‘Students Working For Equal Rights’… right now we’re working on immigration rights the equality for everybody and at this moment we are pushing to comprehensive immigration reform to pass.”

Q: What do the overcoming of hurdles with decisions like ‘Deferred Action,’ ‘DREAM Act’ and Immigration Reform mean at the grassroots level?

“Differed action, which I am actually really happy about; I’m undocumented and with the differed action it gives me kind of a status. I’m kind of in limbo, they only thing I get is my work permit and the ability to get my drivers license. But, I’m really happy that happened… The undocumented Youth which do come here and study and do provide good in this country… it’s a huge step for our movement.”

Q: How vital has the Y Generation been to breaking down immigration reform?

“I think our Generation is going to be changing. We see more youth fighting, we see more dreamers out there and actually coming out of the shadows and letting the community know they are undocumented. Before in 2010, when the ‘DREAM Act’ was mentioned in The House, you didn’t see as many dreamers out there, trying to fight for their rights… this year you see so many dreamers coming out there going to Washington… our generation is the change, I see it more powerful this year and in the future changing the way our country will be.”

Q: What is ‘The Dream’?

“The dream is to become better at the country, that’s why our parents brought us in order for us to have a better future… we have studied here, we are American, we came here when we were two years old, seven years old, this is the only country that we know… and our dream is to create a better future for our own and our country”

Q: Do you think that in the future there should be greater effort to advocate coming to America legally, do you think this is an important message to send around the world?


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