Ways To Plan Your Life Better

While life takes you through many twists and turns, planning can help you handle things better. The trick is to plan but not over plan. You cannot control everything. The only thing you can do is try to be ready, keep calm and keep going.

When it comes to money, set a budget. Live below your means so you are able to save. Even if all you can do it set away $5 , it makes a difference in the long run or in a pinch. Even when I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck, the buildup of my $5 savings helped me when my car broke down or when I didn’t have enough to pay a bill for a hard month. Don’t procrastinate with this. It’s all about just cutting that latte or making your food at home or opting for generics when it comes to certain products. Download the app Coupon Sherpa to help find some great deals that will save you some “mula!”

When it comes to work, make sure to work hard and apply yourself. Learn your craft and make sure you are  showing you’re willing to earn your stripes but also make sure to know when to cut it off . You need a break to regenerate and be better the following week. It’s not good for your physical or mental health if you cannot learn to disconnect even if it’s just for a bit. For those who have anxiety about breaking away from work or simply think they can’t, at least set apart an hour a day for you. It’ll take some planning on your part, but its regenerative and you will come back more fresh and ready to work harder. If you need a reminder, set an alarm on your phone.

When it comes to your social life and romantic relationship(s), make sure you plan it and put it into your phone or physical calendar. It will help keep feeling overwhelmed at bay while at the same time giving your relationships importance. Try to separate one day a week for friends and one for your romantic relationship, sometimes you can combine both and just make it one day with both. Whatever way it works for you, try to plan something with friends once a week and a date night once a week.

When it comes to beauty, plan one morning to get yourself looking good.  Plan like an hour and a half to do   your own waxing and nail or you can go get it done. You can probably stretch it to one morning, every two weeks but if you can’t then do it once a week for maintenance. You can also use this time to workout at the gym! The point is, this time, it’s about you and looking good. Plan it, set aside the time then do you!

While you can plan, life has a way of surprising us. Whatever it is, just take it as it comes and try to adapt to whatever comes your way.