Keeping A Healthy State of Mind In A Crazy “Y” World

Our days go by and some days are easier than others. The hard days can test the limits of your patience and make you wonder why the universe is working against you. Don’t stress. For those looking for an alternative to snapping at someone just follow these steps.

1. Choose your own mantra.  A mantra, as defined by,  is a word or formula chanted or sung as an incantation or prayer.

2. When you feel stressed, repeat it in your head. (close your eyes if you prefer)

3. Inhale deeply through your nose deeply and exhale through your mouth, while repeating the mantra in your head.

Now, outside of any religions, this technique works and is a way to  stay calm in a hectic atmosphere. I use it all the time and believe me, I am far from the buddhist way of life. The simple truth is that it works because it helps train your mind to stay focused on one thing.

A mantra can be whatever you want it to be. Even if it’s just saying something like, “stay calm”.

The point of repeating the same words or phrase is to center yourself and focus on that one thing in order for your body and mind to take a breather from the clutter of ideas, tasks and thoughts that is our minds.

For some helpful ideas, visit @mantramachine on twitter where others post their mantras!

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