Less Makeup Is More For Men & Women

You pat your concealer, grab your eyeliner, coat your lashes and gloss your lips but a new study is saying this  is not necessary when trying to attract someone. 

The study, published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, found “miscalibrations” when it comes to attractiveness  and what each sex thinks the opposite sex finds attractive especially when it comes to makeup. 

Men actually found women with less make up more attractive than those with more caked on. 

The group used computer graphic techniques to let observers vary the amount  of cosmetics applied to a group of female faces. 

What they found is men and women actually agree on the amount of makeup they find attractive. 

Now, when it came to assuming the man’s preferences concerning makeup on a girl, the study found women tend to overestimate the preference. This means they found women thought men liked more makeup on them when in fact they found less make up more attractive. 

They study concluded women put on make up to an “inaccurate perception of others’ preferences.” 

So next time you grab your hefty makeup, thinking it makes you look more attractive, try a more “au naturel” approach.

You’ll not only spare your face but you’ll also have time to spare!