Health Benefits Of Your Daily White & Yellow

You sleepily open the fridge, grab a carton, take one or two out and then crack it into a bowl or pan or you boil it.

It’s  a breakfast staple….eggs.

But what does your daily dose do for you?

For one, eggs contain 6 grams of protein, all 9 essential amino acids, and Vitamin D. A study also shows, women who ate at least 6 eggs a week significantly lowered their risk of breast cancer.

Eating the yolk of the egg is great for your vision since it contains antioxidants that help prevent macular degeneration. In other words, it helps keep your vision from breaking down.

When it comes to beauty, eggs help promote healthy hair and nails.  They also help keep your waist slim. A study by Lousiana University showed that obese people who ate a breakfast with two eggs, at least five times a week lost about 65% more weight. They also had more energy than those who ate a bagel, so it kept them fuller longer.

When it comes to your brain, eggs are packed with nutrients needed to maintain a healthy brain and nervous system.

So next time, instead of that sugary waffle, grab an egg for your health.