Hero Appreciation Day


Krispy Who?! #KrispyUrHEROAppreciationDay

After opening their doors to heavenly glazed goodness treats in July of 1937- Krispy Kreme is still the best-selling doughnut… warming hearts in children of all ages- who just want sum’ shuga! Vernon Rudolph was the man behind the massively successful recipe, which changed the way we think of ‘Breakfast’ or ‘Midnight Snack’ forever! He took the recipe from chefs in New Orleans to North Carolina and opened his first donught shop in Winston Salem; most recently (2011) Rudolph’s small Salem adventure raked in an estimated $362 Million in revenue.

The Original glazed doughnut, has become sooooooo popular, as of 2001 it became an available commodity  located in 100 stores across 21 countries of our globe, including Middle- Eastern nations, in the liking of: India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia… Mexico, Asia, Canada and South America.Today fulfills one of the many ‘give-back’ movements by @KrispyKreme,  initiating the spreading of pure, honest sweetness to ooze through our communities. It’s seen as an opportunity to help our communities unite, spread the goodwill of its people and motivate the world to reach out and celebrate its unsung heroes- makes ‘Krispy Kreme’s Hero Appreciation Day’.

This day, April 28th,  is set to help you- honor your parent, guardian, teacher, local police or fireman or woman, to whom you believe is deserving of your sweet kindness. @TheYLife bets you didn’t know #KrispyKreme locations can produce up to three million doughnuts PER DAY, which totals to more than a billion of those warm delicious ring of dough a year. When you go into any #KrispyKreme doughnut shop today and purchase a #DozenGlazed for YOU- #KrispyKreme with hand you a 2nd Dozen on the HOUSE! That second dozen is meant to be used any dozen ways, with which are encompassed in honoring your #EverydayHero.

When we hear the word ‘Hero’ we instantly think capes, climbing buildings and cartoons— but the kind of ‘Hero’s’ #KrispyKreme is referring to are the everyday edition- sans the multi- million dollar blockbuster film contract, the flying car and the arsenal of unexpected everyday weapon/tools used to fight off evil. You see, the Hero that taught our kids how to read using the simplicity of a book, the pastor who taught you that faith is more valuable commodity than riches, even the early morning barista team at your local coffee shop- who are always at the ready to get your day off on the right foot, the hero that saved the old couple from their burning house and even the hero that stands on the street light every morning, guiding traffic so that kids and their parents can be ensured a safe walk into school. These are the ‘Hero’s’ that little-by-little truly end-up changing the world.

This BOGO deal will be used as a way to recognize everyday heroes. Today, when you pick up your twelve #FREE deliciously, sticky, glazed concoctions, (for $8.49/dozen) make sure you truly think about people in your lives who have either recently made a big difference or those who you have always had appreciation for and just never had the chance to express your gratitude towards them… because today is their day!

For more details log onto: Krispy Kreme’s “Hero Appreciation Day