Sunday, Rome & Saints

Thousands upon thousands of pilgrims flocked to Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican City this weekend for ceremonies meant to make to previous popes saints.

Pope Francis presided over Sunday’s ceremonies which included a mass and  a short address to the crowd. His predecessor Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI joined the ceremonies.

The two popes being canonized were the late John XXIII also known as “The Good Pope” and John Paul II who was also very much loved by Roman Catholic around the world.

Both came from very humble beginnings.

But Y is this so important?

This is historical.It’s the first ever dual papal canonization on the same day. Both Popes are being declared saints this means anyone in the Roman Catholic religion will venerate them from this day forth as a saint.  While the ceremony is short for such a grand honor in the religion, this will forever change the legacy of each of these Popes and the places where they came from which in this case is Italy  John XXIII and Poland for John Paul II.

During the ceremony, two relics are chosen so they can be venerated. In this case, they used Pope John Paul’s blood and a piece of John XXIII’s skin. These items will be used to help the faithful venerate and honor each saint.

Among attendance, were the kings and queens of Belgium and Spain as well as other royals plus political delegations from other counties as well as Jewish officials.

Even for those who are not faithful, the event is some thing to be considered historic and an honor to be present for.

While thousands were outside during the main mass, Pope Francis did later address the crowd and thanked them for supporting.