Awknowledge Administrative Assistant


#TBT Selfie w/ L & her Mom @ her 1st Birthday!
Salute to each and every Administrative Assistant!

Administrative Assistant Week culminates around ‘Secretaries Day’- an officially unofficial holiday which is meant to acknowledge the hard working people (i.e. Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, Receptionists etc…) who help companies to run so effortlessly!

You see, it all started in the early 1950s with Mary Barrett the President of what is now known as The International Association of Administrative Professionals in conjunction with C. King Woodbridge, The President of the Dictaphone Corporation… They felt it was their duty to encourage the work community to take time to acknowledge the skills, loyalty and efficiency of their hardworking staff!

By taking the time to acknowledge their support staff, employers empower the ‘Team’ with the comradery and positive spirit needed to keep the workplace morale at a level that is commandeering to better productivity.

So take a moment today to acknowledge the hardworking staff wherever they may be- just a thank you for all you do will be a gesture that we know to be greatly appreciated. My mom has been a ‘Legal Administrative Assistant’ for many years and so to her I say Thank You for your hard work !