Peony my Spring

My favorite flower blossoms so perfectly between the late Spring and Summer months that I couldn’t dare not explore her intricacies with U!


The flowering plant genus, Paeonia, is native to: Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America; and are known for their Pom-Pom look! They have large, lobbed leaves, which are deeply compounded to give off that bunched floral appearance. Along with their warm, floral, captivating aroma- the Peony is known for its delicacy, which is perfectly suited for a bride or simply in a bunch of morning glory.

A traditional floral emblem of China, the Peony is referred to as 牡丹 (mǔdān)- a flower that represents riches, dynasty and was declared the national flower during the Qing Dynasty in 1903. If you share in my desire to meet some of the most stunning Peonies in the world, add a visit to the Luoyang region of China to your ‘Bucket List’, as they are said to have the finest Peonies in the country, possibly even the world.

If you are wondering Y Peonies have been so significant? Well, you see the Peony seeds is attributed as being quite medically significant. Commonly found linked to ancient medicinal healing powers for ailments such as: antioxidant, antitumor, antipathogenic, immune-system-modulation activities, cardiovascular-system-protective activities and central-nervous-system activities….

The Peony leaves can be parboiled and sweetened to be drank as a tea- time delicacy, the petals can be laid atop salads, and even added to punches, the lemonades and such… Or even boiled in water, as it was tradition on the Middle Ages for spicing up the kettle!

If you are planning on planting some peonies in your yard- make sure to know, they attract ants and bees, due to the nectar that forms on the outside of the flower buds!