Tips To $aving $ome $$$

Looking to save some extra cash to plan a summer excursion? Sometimes it’s the small actions you do that will help you in the long run when it comes to your financial future.

Even if its $10 a week or $5. When you end up adding it up over time, it is something that will help you on a rainy day.

So maybe opt for not spending money on lunch one day and just make a meal at home or opt for saying no to that sale item you might not need. It’s a small act that makes a difference.

Speaking of other acts that make a difference, try out some of these tips below.

1. Lists, Lists , Lists

Write a list before you go out. This will help avoid frivolous shopping and keep you more organized as well as in budget.  Review the list to make sure you are only buying what you need and make sure to stick to it.

2. Girl Night Out Should Turn Into Girls Night In

Instead of going out to a restaurant,  opt for doing a potluck with friends. It’s less expensive and a nice change of pace to girls night out. You also don’t have to get dressed up!

3. Rate Reduction

If you have a credit card or credit cards, call the company and ask for a rate reduction if you have debt. If not, tell them you will look into another company. Even a small reduction like 3% will help a lot.

4. Drink More Water  

Instead of spending  money on that diet soda or coffee, just opt for water. It’s great for your health and your wallet.

5. Look @ Your Electricity 

Be mindful of your electric bill! Turn off your thermostat when you leave the house. When it comes lightning,  use electricity efficient light bulbs.

Small steps that at the end of the month go a long way for your wallet.