Benefits Of The Black

It gives you energy. It’s bitter depending if you put sugar or don’t. It’s black.

No, it’s not coffee. It’s black tea and while it may have the same main use of coffee, many don’t realize it has more caffeine than coffee and is packed with health benefits.

So next time you are looking for an energy boost, maybe you’ll opt for black tea instead when you think about the following benefits:

1. Black Tea has antioxidants called polyphenols which help protect your cells from damage, according to WebMD.

2. Some research has shown that it may prevent ovarian cancer for women who regularly drink black tea. While it may prevent that type of cancer, it does not lower your risk of breast or stomach cancer.

3. It may prevent your arteries from getting clogged; therefore, possibly lowering your risk of a heart attack.

4. It can also prevent diabetes, parkinson’s disease, and kidney stones.

5. For those trying to lose weight, some studies have shown it may help boost your metabolism.