Y women choose Manhattan over a Man…


I was walking on a chilled Lexington Avenue after meeting a friend for cocktails… When something hit me! Just in case you’re wondering, it had nothing to do with the voracious Big Apple wind gusts!

As I crossed an abysmal Lex, which was vacant (it was almost 3 AM) from its usual bustling atmosphere sizzling with the poise of career driven women… I suddenly realized Y, Y women would so innately and unquestionably choose to be spun by the fantasy reveled by the lights of this city rather than trying to discover the MAN in MANhattan.

I developed a theory that Millennial women no longer feel as though they must bow to the same rule book as their mothers and grandmothers. Like I have said many a’times, Y women were raised in an age of ‘Anything you can do, I can do Better‘; To give credit where it is by far due, it was by the God willing effort of those same women (mother and grandmothers)… who were so fed up with walking a step behind their MAN, to have held empowerment as a requirement for our generation. That hope seemed to seep into our formula and made Millennial women the force to be reckoned with. In a sense there is almost something more gratifying for Y women in conquering their own potential in a city like The BIG Apple, than there is in the idea of conquering a MAN. You can always find a man, but can’t always find a dream!

The Pew Research Center conducted a study in October of 2013 and their findings make full proof of my theory… “Among Millennial women, 75% say this country needs to continue making changes to achieve gender equality in the workplace… young women today who have not yet had children expect that when they do, the impact on their careers will be negative. Among those ages 18 to 32, 63% think that having children will make it harder for them to advance in their job or career.”

When 63% of Millennial women polled assume childbearing as a hinderance to their career, I realized this poll was an exceptional depiction of a Manhattan Y woman today, where a city may hold the key to greater esteem in 2014 than a MAN. Even more impressive may be the fact that, a direct correlation has been linked to the gains Millennial women have made and their level of educational attainment, “among older Millennials today (those ages 25 to 32), 38% of women have a bachelor’s degree, compared with 31% of men.”

Although as women, we have seen our median hourly wage rise by 25% in the past 30 years… “In 2012, the median hourly wage for women, full-time and part-time workers combined, was 84% as much as men ($14.90 vs. $17.79).” Y women are being driven by the ‘I can do Better‘ philosophy and are hands down taking no prisoners with them along for the ride of success, as they now account for 47% of the U.S. labor force, and even more impressive is the Pew Statistic that states: “Among young women (ages 25 to 34), 74% were in the labor force in 2012, up from 66% in 1980.”

When you take a moment to compare the role reversal that has taken the helm of America’s societal M.O. it is even more breathtaking than that wind gust on Lex. Taking every step in stride, you note that although the streets may make you feel at times desolate, the simple smoke of your heavy breath billowing below your lips, reminds you, of your infamous struggle for Baby Booming X’s to take note of you. But just be patient, as Y women, you are no longer alone in the push for female sovereignty, because when that sun comes up, the new men hitting MANhattan’s streets, now go by names like… Jimmy, Christian and Manolo – marking the new road for a Millennial woman’s success, kicking off on a whole new feat!